Advanced Guestbook

Advanced Guestbook is guestbook based on PHP. It is used for visitors of a website to leave a comment that anyone can read. The guestbook doesn't require of the visitor to create account. Traditionally user's IP, E-mail, website URL and location are collected, and sometimes public shown. They might not be shown to everyone, only to the administrator. This helps to the owners of the site to improve it, according to feedbacks left by the visitors. Guestbooks include many useful features such as preview, templates, e-mail notification, picture upload, page spanning, html tags, smilies, spam protection scripts and language support. It requires PHP 4 and MySQL.

In your Zacky Tools Installer or cPanel find Advanced Guestbook and click Install and wait some time while the guestbook is being installed, or...
Download Advanced Guestbook script, extract it on your harddrive, then upload it to your web server, or copy the files in your localhost folder. Then you can reach it by typing in your browser address bar "localhost/advancedguestbook" or ""